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June 24-26 2017
Las Vegas

Classroom: N116

Presented by David Suzuki, president of Bio-Therapeutic, and featuring Social Media Sensation Brian Champagne.

Class information:

Work Smarter Not Harder
Retail sales, Mini Services, and Social Media that will transform your business.

June 24th at 12pm
June 25th at 1pm

Time is precious, and most of us have quickly realized that we have only two hands, 8 hours a day, and five days per week to make it all happen. We have done the math and calculated our possibilities, and the final result is often not ideal. In this class you will learn how to make a model shift with your business and transform it into a retail machine using new innovative mini technology services as your vehicle and social media as your voice. This class will feature the use of all bt-GEAR technology by Bio-Therapeutic.

Be Extraordinary
Learn how to implement unique, results oriented layered technology services and share them with the world using simple and effective Social Media strategies to champion your business.

June 24th at 1pm

In this class you will learn how to layer multiple disciplines of technology together seamlessly in a single service, allowing you the creative pathways to create unique and one of a kind services for every client. Whether it be mini services that take no more than 15-20 minutes in your retail area, or more comprehensive services performed in the treatment room, you will learn how to weave the most forward thinking skin care technology available on the market today through your entire business, social media and menu.

Masques, Masques, Masques
Add a unique accent to every facial using the most forward thinking ingredients, extraordinary technology, and a Social Media campaign that will keep your business thriving.

June 25th at 12pm

Add a masque to any traditional facial or technology facial to accentuate any theme, and seal the deal! In this class you will learn about cutting edge key ingredients used in the bt-Infusion line of masque formulas, making them the perfect finish to any facial. You will also learn how to use the masques with microcurrent, LED, oxygen, and ultrasonic for maximum application techniques. In this class we will explore the newest gel masque technology by Bio-Therapeutic, the HD masque line (Hyaluronic Delivery), and how to implement into both traditional and technology facials. We will go over creating a thought provoking and effective social media campaign designed to bring focus to your new services.

Face & Body Northern California

August 27 - 28 2017
San Jose