bt-degree IR: touchless infrared thermometer

Contact: Sierra Burnett

bt-degree IR: touchless infrared thermometer

Bio-Therapeutic is excited to announce the launch of the bt-degree IR. The bt-degree IR touchless infrared thermometer adds a layer of crucial safety to the healthy function of your skincare practice intake process. Capable of both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, the bt-degree IR takes forehead temperature in approximately 1 second and eliminates contact with effectiveness from up to 2 inches away.

The large display, color coded LCD screen and audible alerts make the bt-degree IR easy to understand, and the 9 reading memory and 1 button measurement means it’s simple to use. The bt-degree IR is protected by a silicone carrying case and silicone sleeve, both infused with Silver Ion for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Used along with the new bt-smartmask Ag+ silver ion infused face mask, bt-shield, and Opti-cide 3 surface sanitation throughout the day the bt-degree IR is an essential part of your post Covid-19 skincare safety suite.

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