BT International Specialist Education Certification

Bio-Therapeutic hosted its international education teams at its corporate headquarters in Seattle, USA for their Specialist Education Certification. Bio-Therapeutic educators worldwide will achieve their Specialist certification by the end of 2018, and their Expert by the end of 2019. Visiting for this course series was Puerto Rico, Benelux, Norway, Czech Republic, and the UAE. The 3 day intensive course was designed to ensure that every Bio-Therapeutic educator worldwide is able to teach the BT corporate curriculum at the highest level. The classes included extensive scientific efficacy studies and discussion, practical application techniques and testing, technological theory, industry trends, and new and upcoming technology development including the Bio-Penta 5 Technology System that will be launching in international countries in August 2018. Bio Therapeutic maintains distribution in 40 countries worldwide and is the exclusive supplier for advance technology for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute.

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