Congratulations to our Face of the Future 1st Place Winner!

Meet Rebecca

Q: Tell us about yourself, any hobbies, passions?

A: I’m 38, married with two children, and my hobby is my job! I absolutely love it! 
I also attend church on the weekend and am involved in church activities during the week.

Q: Tell us your story, how did you get into skincare?

A: I I qualified in Beauty Therapy in 1997 and used various skincare brands. I also trained early on with the first microcurrent machines from America. Skincare is so important, and it’s not just extrinsic factors but also intrinsic factors that play a role in overall results. I’m passionate about educating people on their skin, and find that sometimes it really is just a lack of knowledge that may interfere with people reaching their goals. I took time off when I had children, but missed the industry so much that I could not wait to get back. So much changes in such a short amount of time!

Q: What do you love most about practicing skincare?

A: Without a doubt it’s helping people. Offering encouragement and advice on healthier choices and how to change simple things to achieve major results is vital. Helping people with positive self confidence and self esteem is so rewarding.

Q: How has Bio-Therapeutic products and equipment helped your business?

A: I’ve noticed a huge surge in people becoming more interested in skincare since I took on Bio-Therapeutic technology and products. During my consultations, clients are impressed that they can find out the hydration levels of their skin and they love that they can see results quickly!

Q: Tell us about the process of introducing the BT services to your clients? How responsive were they?

A: My clients like to see before and after photos backed by facts. When I market, I make certain to indicated what a treatment involves, realistic expectations, and the importance of consistency. My favorite line is ‘you wouldn’t expect to see a difference after one session in the gym, and it’s the same with your face’.

Q: Do you have a favorite BT protocol?

A: My favorite protocol has to be the bt-cocktail lift, I’ve had such amazing results with it. Clients love the effects on their skin! I find that that it combines nicely with microdermabrasion and other peels on my menu.

Q: What is your favorite BT product? Why?

A: My favorite product is Platinum Relaxing Serum. It really is just like Botox in a bottle, it gives great results!

Q: What is your favorite BT equipment?

A: At the moment I love my bt-nano as it is so compact and yet really gives brilliant results!

Q: Is there a specific area of skin care that you are especially passionate about?

A: The skin I see the most is mature skin with fine lines and/or pigmentation. I find this area to be my passion. I am starting to see an increase in clients with adult blemishes as well, so I am becoming focused on how I can help clients that have both mature skin and also need help with blemishes.

About the Service

6 services, 1 time per week from 3rd August to 7th September 2017

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Hydrate, 
bt-Cocktail Lift, modes 1 and 2 (increased with each service)
 Finish with Cream and Platinum Restore Eye Cream

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