Congratulations to our Face of the Future 3rd Place Winner!

Meet Judy

Q: Tell us about yourself, any hobbies or passions?

A: I continue to lead a very busy lifestyle having spent 25 years in theatre as an actor and singer, and am now involved in Port Macquarie Toastmasters when I’m not running my salon.

Q: Tell us your story. How did you get into skincare?

A: When I finished school, I attended Chartres Business College at Tamworth NSW. After gaining distinctions, I worked in the legal profession, but I was always fascinated with everything beauty. So, the moment I had a chance I enrolled in distance education with Mme Korner in Sydney and then completed my practical on site in George Street. What really started my journey was having had a skin care treatment at age 21 in a Sydney salon where the owner correctly evaluated my skin issues and gave me recommendations. I was hooked and that’s when I decided to enroll in school.

I have been actively involved in skin care for nearly 37 years. I owned my own salon in Tamworth and managed another for 2 years, worked in a Port Macquarie salon for 10 years and managed it for 5 of those years, had my own home salon for 14 years while my children were young children, and have now been ‘downtown’ in Salon Secrets for 12 years and counting.

Q: What do you love most about practicing skincare?

A: I love that clients have complete trust in my ability to analyze their skin concerns and recommend appropriate services and products to bring about the results that they want.

Q: How has Bio-Therapeutic products and equipment helped your business?

A: I use the bt-micro, bt-nano and the Bio-Hydroderm Trinity with BT products and they allow my staff and I to achieve fabulous results. I have looked into other microdermabrasion equipment but the Trinity beats them all hands down as it’s so gentle. I adore that the equipment is effective and easy to use.

Q: Tell us about the process of introducing the BT services to your clients? How responsive were they?

A: I am open and honest with clients, when I educate them about new equipment I plan to use on them they just go with it! They all love the differences it makes.

Q: How do you incorporate this into your menu? Do you have a favorite BT protocol?

A: I always use the bt-micro with all services for a thorough and gentle finishing cleanse. It is absolutely brilliant in removing those annoying little congestion spots and blackheads. I double cleanse using the CLEANSE Hydrating and well as CLEANSE, followed by EXFOLIATE and TONE. I then massage in a bit of DEONGEST, and hold the corner of the bt-micro just to the side of each spot and pressing down in a ‘v’. Congestion just pops out. I then TONE again and apply bt-Cocktail 1, 2 and 3 and SHADE for a smooth and clear result. Men love it.

Q: What is your favorite BT product? Why?

A: My favorite product is the AQUAFUSE FoamPeel because we can use it not only for the face, but in our manicures and pedicures. In fact, it’s great for the whole body.

Q: What is your favorite BT equipment? Why?

A: My favorite BT equipment is definitely the Bio-Hydroderm Trinity. We use it daily in our facials. It allows our specialized serums and gel to penetrate and absorb more effectively. It is gentle and non-invasive.

Q: Is there a specific area of skin care that you are especially passionate about?

A: The specific area of skin care that I’m passionate about is anti-aging, without having to resort to fillers and face lifts. I like an organic appearance as we age, and I can achieve this with the use of high end equipment and products.

About the Service

We began July 25th and finished after 11 sessions on the 11th October on a weekly basis.

I used the Bio-Hydroderm Trinity along with the Cleanse, Exfoliate, and AQUAFUSE FoamPeel. I proceeded with microderm passes 2 x 300 grit tip and 1 pass with AQUAFUSE Hydrating solution x 400 grit tip. I followed up with bt-Cocktail Energy 1, 2 and 3 and ended with Shade SPF 30.

For the 3rd and successive treatments I used the bt-nano and followed the protocols using the pre-programmed Mode for the bt-Cocktail Lift using Restyfluid with the probes.

1. Cleanse Hydrating
2. Manual Exfoliation followed by the bt-micro on Exfoliate Mode
3. Tone
4. bt-Cocktail Lift, following the protocols in the manual
5. bt-cocktail Energy 1, 2, and 3 (serum, gel and cream)
6. Shade SPF 30
Every 2nd time I used the Collagen/Elastin Ampoules before the serums and Shade etc.

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