Extractions at the Speed of Sound

Extractions at the Speed of Sound

Let’s be honest, we all love doing extractions. The satisfaction of getting an impaction out is second to none! Yet we have also all experienced the redness that overzealous manual extractions can cause.

While the traditional method of desincrustration and manual extractions will work for small areas, this method can be ineffective with heavier congestion, is time consuming and can lead to unnecessary levels of redness and inflammation.

That’s Where The bt-micro and bt-micro Fusion Come In

  • By delivering up to 30,000 oscillations/minute, each handheld helps to effectively loosen impactions for thorough extractions that don’t overly stress the skin. The ultrasonic waves delivered through the surgical steel applicator help to loosen extractions and exfoliation superficial debris, allowing the impacted sebum to quite literally pop right out. Not only does this result in more effectively extracted skin overall, but it helps to reduce irritation while also saving you time.

  • Discover why the bt-micro and bt-micro Fusion are amongst some of our most awarded technologies. Not only do they facilitate flawless extractions, but they are also an incredible boost to the cleansing, exfoliating and product application steps of the professional service.

  • For even better results, pair the bt-micro or bt-micro Fusion with Decongest, a fast acting gel that helps to soften sebum while it hydrates and calms the skin, paving the way to great results

See how the bt-micro and bt-micro Fusion bring mighty ultrasonic benefits to every stage of the skin service, with a handheld footprint that goes everywhere.

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