Meet Frequency Specific Microcurrent


Microcurrent is a safe, effective and non-invasive technology that has truly revolutionized professional skin care.  By mirroring the body’s own natural low level electrical current, microcurrent technology can dramatically tone the facial contour, leaving the facial landscape visually lifted and the skin plump, hydrated and firm.  Microcurrent is subsensory, which means it’s imperceptible, and makes for a comfortable and efficacious addition to nearly any service*.

The Benefits of Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent can deliver an incredible number of benefits to the skin, and is one of the most valuable additions to any professional service and home regimen.

  • Exceptional results for lifting, toning and sculpting the facial landscape.
  • Reducing fine lines and skin puffiness.
  • Improving skin tone and clarity.
  • Stimulating the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, the building block of cellular energy and skin resilience.
  • Well hydrated skin that enhances product application and absorption, helping to boost the performance of key skin care products.

The Energetic Theory of Aging

As skin care professionals, we have long understood the impact that intrinsic and extrinsic factors have on the skin’s aging, and premature aging, processes.  In short, extrinsic factors (those from our outside environment) account for the vast majority of skin aging signs, pollution, UV exposure, stress, lifestyle habits to name a few.

Scientists are now writing a new chapter in our understanding of the aging process, The Energetic Theory of Aging.  Essentially, this theory holds that they key to aging process is the reduction of cellular energy, and its building block Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).  Moreover, by the time we reach sixty years of age, our cellular energy levels are reduced by up to half!

In this regard, Bio-Therapeutic was well ahead of its time, and we have been talking about the importance of cellular energy and ATP in maintaining skin health for more than fifty years.  Studies show that frequency specific microcurrent stimulates the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (Cheng, et al. 1982), the powerhouse that provides energy for key cellular functions, including protein synthesis which aides in collagen and elastin production.

Trust Only True Microcurrent

When it comes to electrical current and the skin, the “more is better” paradigm is clearly incorrect. Unfortunately, it’s a popular approach for some equipment suppliers that may show temporary, short-term results with low quality machines.

Unlike other technologies in the skin care arena, microcurrent is subsensory and invisible, so it is difficult for a skin therapist to visually evaluate.  This is why it is absolutely critical to work with a manufacturer who has demonstrated long standing technological expertise with the technology, and has established trust in maintaining exceptional quality standards, executes all aspects of engineering and manufacturing, and provides the robust training needed to get the most out of this transformative technology.

The human body is an extremely subtle electrical system, and haphazardly delivering large charges of electricity to the skin surface, as many low quality units do, may cause gross muscle contractions, temporarily resulting in a tightened appearance.  (For those of you who did dissection in high school biology, think of the electrical charge on the frog leg!). However, this approach ultimately fatigues the musculature and can lead to increased muscle laxity and loss of skin tone.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers deliver current well beyond the True Microcurrent zone because the technology required to ensure that we are maintaining consistent energy levels while compensating for skin impedance, levels of hydration, and other biological factors is extremely expensive and proprietary to Bio-Therapeutic.

Bio-Therapeutic’s microcurrent technology is built on our proprietary and revolutionary Suzuki Sequencing platform that delivers proven and safe sequencing patterns to elicit very precise results on the skin. By clinically understanding what frequencies are demonstrated most successful in achieving specific results, our proprietary programming offers a precisely targeted approach that optimizes the potential for each client, and allows for faster, more effective, and more consistent results than other forms of microcurrent.  Our unique, pre-programmed technology take the guesswork out of delivering superb results consistently.  

Precise output with Suzuki Sequencing

As we’ve discussed, True Microcurrent is extremely subtle, because its operating on the body’s electrical system, which is in itself extremely subtle.  To accomplish this, Bio-Therapeutic adjusts the electrical signals of each probe 1,024 times every second.  The importance of this cannot be overstated. As the probes move across the skin surface, they encounter differing levels of conductivity that are informed by skin thickness, oil production and hydration levels.  By precisely controlling the current, we are always ensuring the most beneficial levels are reaching the skin while maintaining coherent output and wave shapes.


The Power of Interferential Canvassing: Four Energy Channels, Two Energy Pathways

Bio-Therapeutic is the only company that delivers proprietary Suzuki Sequencing across two channels and four energy pathways simultaneously, ensuring superb coverage, and industry leading time efficiency for the service.  Because electrical current will always choose the most direct path between two points, units with only one channel and two probe tips tend to offer very little coverage, and no interferential canvassing.  By contrast, having two channels and four probe tips offers exponentially more coverage on the skin surface, while creating an interferential canvas that multiplies frequency diversity.

Kinesthetic Facial Lifting and Toning 

When it comes to professional facial lifting and toning, delivery of True Microcurrent combines with precise kinesthetic movement on the skin surface that helps to literally sculpt the facial landscape is essential.  Bio-Therapeutic offers multiple options to achieve this kinesthetic lifting.  Our tried and true Azul Probes offer two handpieces that allow for extremely refined positioning across the entire face, allowing for the physical manipulation of smaller facial muscles.  The new bt-sculpt PRO handpiece, by contrast, delivers faster kinesthetic lifting of the major focus areas, with a K4iTEK probe system that automatically delivers the optimum level of lift.

The Professional’s Technology Choice

Microcurrent, because it is both safe and subsensory, is ideal for most clients.  It can be offered as a standalone service, offered as a series, and incorporated into other facial services as an add-on.

Microcurrent facial applications are for healthy people, on healthy faces. Contraindications should be thoroughly reviewed with clients to ensure microcurrent is right for them prior to engaging in microcurrent application. Clients who are contraindicated should not receive microcurrent services.  For a full list, ensure to consult the instruction manual that will come with your Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent unit. 

Do not use microcurrent on clients with the following conditions:
• Pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices
• Epilepsy
• Pregnancy 
• Cancer
• Thrombosis
• Phlebitis
• Metal plates or pins in the application area
• Under a physician’s care for a disorder, illness, disease, or injury

The Microcurrent Pioneers for 50 Years

While Bio-Therapeutic leads the industry in a number of different skin care technologies, microcurrent is our heritage and where we got our start. It is the technology we have spent nearly fifty years painstakingly refining, and has served as the foundation of the brand’s legacy in the industry for forward thinking efficacy and unrelenting quality.

Bio-Therapeutic not only introduced microcurrent into the world of professional skin care nearly fifty years ago, but is the foremost expert in the space today and continues to set the standard of excellence.  As a US FDA registered medical device manufacturer, Bio-Therapeutic designs and assembles all of its technology in its Seattle, Washington headquarters.  We’re also ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, were the first company in our class to achieve the coveted MDSAP status internationally, and ensure that all our of equipment is CE compliant for the highest level of safety.

The Importance of FDA, ISO and MDSAP Regulatory Certification 

All Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent technology is FDA approved for cosmetic use. Bio-Therapeutic is an FDA certified, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer, a distinction of which we are particularly proud, and one of the many reasons that we continue to be the pioneer in this technology.  So, while to the average consumer these distinctions might read like a meaningless set of acronyms, they bring with them a level of trust that our technologies, and our claims, have come under the strictest review in the world, and that you can trust that our technology delivers on what we say it will do. 

Part of this responsibility is following strict standards regarding the benefits we associate with this class of device. Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent technology is intended to stimulate the face for cosmetic use.  This distinction is important, because many competitors make claims of a medical nature that are not only outside the approved scope of practice of a professional skin therapist, but also against FDA approved use for their technology.  This misleading practice of false promises undermines trust and is a space you will never find us in.   

*Microcurrent facial applications are for healthy people, on healthy faces. Contraindications should be thoroughly reviewed with clients to ensure microcurrent is right for them prior to engaging in microcurrent application.
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