Stay True to Microcurrent

Stay True to Microcurrent

Microcurrent’s rising popularity has created a bit of a “wild west” as opportunistic distributors are flooding the market with inexpensive, ineffective handhelds. While many of these, thankfully, are simply doing nothing to the skin, some of them create the short term appearance of firming simply by shocking the facial muscles into a contraction.

While this scorched earth approach may result in client satisfaction after the first visit, this heavy handed, aggressive approach actually leads to additional skin laxity over time because the muscles eventually fatigue. So, while these short term results can be seductive, the negative impact on the skin’s long term health and firmness can be irreversible.

Bio-Therapeutic has pioneered microcurrent for professional skin therapists for nearly fifty years, mirroring the body’s subtle electrical systems in a highly precise delivery called True Microcurrent. Unlike more rudimentary technologies masquerading as microcurrent, True Microcurrent with Suzuki Sequencing precisely manages the current delivery to the skin, with a self calibrating system that adjusts the waveforms 1,024 of times per second. Plus, the inclusion of on-board programming takes the guesswork out of delivering consistent, superb results.

Bio-Therapeutic’s True Microcurrent is also more efficient to use in the professional service, because it features two distinct channels of microcurrent and four energy pathways that create an interferential canvassing effect, allowing you to cover dramatically larger areas of the facial landscape with every movement when compared to single channel units.

Trust your clients’ skin to Bio-Therapeutic’s bt-nano® and Bio-Ultimate Platinum®, made in the USA in our ISO 9001 / ISO 13485, FDA registered medical device manufacturing facility.

Bio-Therapeutic. Proper technology created by skin therapists.

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