The Lab Episode 5: Microcurrent and the Energetic Theory of Aging with David Suzuki and Mathew Divaris


Launch event and a first view of the revolutionary new bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe, the ultimate probe accessory for delivering incredible facial lifting, toning and skin work with the convenience of one-handed operation. The bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe is designed for use with the bt-nano and Bio-Ultimate Platinum and is the ultimate addition to your Frequency Specific Microcurrent toolbox. It is perfectly suited for quicker microcurrent sessions, as well as for skin therapists who are just starting to introduce microcurrent into their repertoire.

The bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe features the revolutionary K4iTEK® probe system, made from surgical grade stainless steel and precision calibrated to deliver the optimum level of lift and tension to the skin for superlative lifting and toning results. The bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe delivers bt-nano and Bio-Ultimate Platinum two channel and four energy pathway output for which Bio-Therapeutic is renowned for, and offers a larger coverage area for the interferential frequency canvassing.

The result? Faster application of facial lifting, toning, and skinwork by offering the bespoke programming and fifty years of innovation in the bt-nano or Bio-Ultimate Platinum microcurrent machines.

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