bt-protect bundle

bt-protect bundle
bt-protect bundle
bt-protect bundle
bt-protect bundle

bt-protect bundle


Includes 1 bt-degree IR, 2 bt-smartmasks, 1 bt-shield, and 1 bt-smartcase

bt-degree IR: Touchless infrared thermometer adds a layer of crucial safety to the healthy function of your skincare practice intake process. Capable of both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, the bt-degree IR takes forehead temperature in approximately 1 second and eliminates contact with effectiveness from up to 2 inches away. The large display color coded LCD screen and audible alerts make the bt-degree IR easy to understand, and the 9 reading memory and 1 button measurement means it’s simple to use. The bt-degree IR is protected by a silicone carrying case and silicone sleeve infused with Silver Ion. Used along with consistent face covering, hand washing, and surface sanitation throughout the day the bt-degree IR is an essential part of your skincare safety suite.

bt-smartmask: 3 layer, reusable, washable, and adjustable protective face cover. The outer and inner layers are a light and breathable cotton / poly blend and the cotton middle layer is embedded with a Silver Ion mesh. Designed for durability, the robust bt-smartmask is made of high quality materials and is effective for up to 50 washes. Used in conjunction with the bt-degree IR touchless infrared thermometer and bt-shield protective face shield, the bt-smartmask provides an extra layer of protection for service workers and clients and is an essential component of the bt-protect skincare safety suite. bt-shield: A reusable, sanitizable, protective face guard equipped with BT’s Silver Ion infused blue silicone touch points. The bt-shield is made of high quality anti-fog / anti-scratch, distortion free, clear APET plastic providing perfect clarity for the professional. The strategically extended nose bridge touch points allows for prescription glasses to be worn together with the bt-shield.

bt-smartcase: Designed to carry face masks and a small hand sanitizer, the bt-smartcase is built with a durable heavy duty zipper, and Silver Ion infused Azul blue silicone construction with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The bt-smartcase helps keep masks and other safety gear clean, tidy, and accessible throughout the day.

Features & Specs

    • Frame: ABS
    • Shield: APET Anti-fog, Anti Scratch, Invisible Clear Plastic
    • Touch points: BT’s Silver Ion Infused Blue Silicone
    • Weight: 1.15oz / 33g (frame: .63oz / 18g, shield: .52oz / 15g)


    • Outer layer: 70% polyester, 24% cotton, 6% Polyester
    • Middle layer: 100% cotton
    • Inner layer: 70% polyester, 24% cotton, 6% Polyester
    • Nose Bridge: 100% polyethylene
    • Weight: .5oz / 14.6g
    • Care: Hand wash with mild detergent and cool water daily or after 8 hours of use

    • Silver ion infused silicone offers antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
    • Fitted with a heavy duty, easy to use zipper
    • Stores up to two bt-smartmasks with enough space for a small bottle of hand sanitizer
    • Compact size perfect for a purse, backpack, briefcase, or car compartment
    • A safe and handy solution for storing other items in a clean and sanitary environment

bt-degree IR:

    • Technology: Infrared, non-touch
    • Dimensions: 2.2” x 6.3” x 2” (34 x ~160 x ~50mm)
    • Weight: 2.4oz (~68g) without batteries
    • Measuring range: 93.2°-109.4°F (34.0°C-43.0°C)
    • Object temperature range: 32°-199.7°F (0°C-93.2°C)
    • Display: Color LCD screen, backlight, special icons
    • Accuracy: ±0.4°F, ±0.2°C
    • Resolution: 0.1°F/°C
    • Measurement distance: 1.18”- 2” (3-5cm)
    • Measurement speed: Within 1 second
    • Sounds: Ready to measure, measurement finished, fever alert, system error or fault, audible on/off function
    • Fever alert: 10 short fast beeps
    • Memory: 9 memory settings
    • Automatic shutdown: Unit will power off after 30 seconds of non-use
    • IP22 water resistant
    • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (included)
    • Temperature units: Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C) measurement setting options
    • Carrying case: Blue silicone. Silver Ion infused.
    • Protective sleeve: Blue silicone. Silver Ion infused.

What's inside

1 bt-degree IR
2 bt-smartmasks (light grey or black)
1 bt-shield
1 bt-smartcase

Recommended for use only by the general public. Not for use in a medical, surgical, or clinical setting. Do not use in any setting that liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids are present, in a clinical setting where risk of infection through inhalation exposure is high, nor in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. This product has not been FDA cleared or approved. *Some components infused with Silver Ion.

bt-protect products are not intended in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. Models and items shown are not available in all countries. Items may vary without notice and are not available in all countries. Please contact Bio-Therapeutic for updated information.

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